Monday, April 5, 2010

Catching up!

Well it has been another very fast paced couple of weeks here in the DeWitt household! I cannot tell you how fast time flies, I guess when you're having fun?! Yesterday was Easter! What a great day. We spent the entire day with Heather and her children. We went to Mass in the morning, had brunch at my house, followed by an egg hunt and a huge dinner! The kids had a good time together and the weather was just spectacular! Best Easter in a very long time!

Tyler has secured a couple of jobs for the summer! He is currently working at Holly Hills Country Club as a bag boy! Minimum wage but really good tips at times so he can easily push $15 and hour or more. In fact, Heather's son Nick also works there as a total coincidence. He's also going to be working in the Press Box at the Frederick Keys stadium on game days running the video board. He's also going to be able to operate on of the cameras as well that shows video up on the new video board. He's excited and doing pretty well.

He was in a play at church called Passion. Heather and the kids and I went to see it and cheer him on. He did a very good job and the entire production turned out very well.

Mike is out for Easter break. He' get 8 days off from Catholic School. They take it real serious vs. the 2 days off for Tyler in public school! He does have lacrosse practice and a game this week. His JV team is now 3-0 on the year. He's doing very well in fact. He's scored 2 goals and dished out an assist as well. It's funny because he is so much smaller that the large defenders that are out there. Because of that, they have a hard time keeping track of hm and he sneaks in under the radar!

He is doing pretty well in school but needs to start focusing a bit more on his homework. We'll see. I have to make a decision on his return for next year by April 12th...

Alex did not come home for Easter this year. She went to her boyfriend's house and then had practice on Easter evening. Her lacrosse season is in full swing. Heather and I took the boys up to Elizabethtown College last week to see her play. The weather was great and the drive was only 1.5 hours. Her team put out a media guide this year.