Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yes!!! I am still here! But moving to a new spot...

Yes I know it has been over 2 months since I’ve updated my blog, and YES a lot has been going on.   For my avid followers I have to apologize.   Why has it taken so long?   I don’t know.    For the past 5 years or so I have been writing in this blog and Chris’s blog as a way of letting those people close to me know what was going on in our lives.   There were many times when I would update every day.   What I came to find out was that writing was a way for me to get it out of my system.   I have gone through a journey that I would wish on no one.   It has been a long journey, a sorrowful  journey, and now that I have come through the other side I find I no longer need to “let it all out” in words.    To all my friends and my family, I am well, and consider myself to be a very blessed man.    

Life has certainly had its ups and downs the past 5 years and I NEVER thought that I would ever recover from Chris’s loss.   In fact, I was ready to just make sure the kids were set and ride out life as best I could.   That all changed 2 years ago, when someone I did not know reached out to me in a simple e-mail expressing the following: “I wanted to wish you my best in your journey and hope you find new happiness in your life.”    Well, lo and behold, that new happiness did occur and did come from meeting this new friend.   Heather and I have taken a chance meeting and made it into something that you would only read about in one of those romance novels! 
So what’s been going on?   The new house has taken a lot of  work.  Packing, moving, unpacking, and then multiply that times 2 houses!   The hard stuff is done and now we are in decorating mode.   Trying to get some color on some walls before the holidays.

The kids are great.   All 6 of them!   Alex is doing well.   She has a full time job and owns her own condo.   Not many 23-year  olds can boast that.   Tyler is attending classes at FCC, works at the country club, and finds time to work in his shop.  Check out some of his work.   He’s been buying a lot heavy-duty tools to make work a little bit easier.      

Nick is doing very well at Syracuse University.   Heather, Mike and Marian and I went up last weekend to visit him and got to attend the SU/West VA football game.   Very exciting.   As I am from Syracuse it actually brought back some fond memories.

Mike and Marian (M&M for short) are attending the same high school together.   Marian is working on/for the stage crew for the school play.   That’s going to be taking up some of her spare time and Mike will be getting ready for the spring lacrosse season very soon.   He’s adjusted pretty well so far to the transition from private school back to public.   He knows a great deal of people there and has made new friends to boot.

Ella is a vibrant, energetic, and extremely smart 7-year old!   What can I say, she makes every day a happy one for me and for Heather.    She has adjusted very quickly to her new school very close to the house and is starting to make new friends in the neighborhood.   Halloween is tomorrow night and she cannot wait!  

Heather is very busy with the house and getting the kids to and from school and their events that they need to attend.   She has decorated our new home with  a perfect combination of things from her home, my home, and new things to boot.   It’s really a wonderful setting, and has made the transition for all of the kids a very easy one.  They all get along very well.   No rivalries and a LOT of respect for one another.

Me?   I’m busy beyond all get up.   Work has been absolutely great.   The company is wonderful and doing very, very well.   I manage a team of professionals that support the Sales team in bringing in new business and we are doing very well.   The company holiday party is coming up in about 5 weeks and will be held at the Udvar-Hazy Center in VA.  It is part of the Air and Space Museum and houses many aircraft including  a Concorde, SR-71, and Space Shuttle!!!   It should be exciting!   I travel a bit for work but not too much.  Heather has gotten used to it now, but at the same time we both hate having to be away from one another.

I’ve done a lot of stuff around the house.  Lot’s of things to hang on the walls!!!   I also, had the time to put in a new builit-in desk complete with granite counter in my home office.  The cabinets match those in the kitchen exactly.   We also took the same approach up in the laundry room as well.   In fact Tyler just added a coat of paint to it yesterday and it looks fabulous.  The next 2 projects are a deck/patio and a bar in the basement.   Not sure the priorities yet.    Time is not on my side but both are badly needed.  

Heather and I have committed to one another to make sure that she and I continue down the path that we did before our move.  That includes some very much needed time away together.     We went to 2 plays this past month.  The first was South Pacific in Baltimore where we ended up spending the night and walking around Fells Point all day on Saturday.  The other was Les Miserable at the Kennedy Center (5th Row).  A spectacular show to a packed house in the opera house.   I am not a musical guy but must say it was very entertaining.  They sang the whole thing!!!!   :)  

So what's next?   Well, the holidays are fast approaching and it will be a very special time for us this year in our new home together.   Last year on Christmas eve I made a promise to Heather that we would not spend another one apart.   I keep my promises.    After the holidays, will be a new year.  A new year for all of us and one that is very much looked forward too this time!!!   

Sorry for the time between posts, I use Facebook and post many pictures and comments there so if you want to keep tabs on the day-to-day, just friend request me.   Thank you to everyone who's followed me on this blog.   It has been a long journey the past 4 years.  You all helped get me through it.

Love to all,