Friday, July 29, 2011

Almost Complete!

Not quite complete....
Well it's 3:00 AM on a Friday.   I woke up again in the middle of the night for no obvious reason.   I took a look and of course I am 30 days since my last post to my blog. 

Now many of you who know me realize that if I'm not posting then things are probably going pretty well.  Well this is just the case.   Work is great.   After being promoted a couple of months back I've built up a very good team of employees who all help me support the Sales organization.   Some are young and I like that.   They are very ambitious.    In fact, this past week I was working with a young intern from ASU in Arizona who was very, very good and was extremely helpful in getting out 2 RFPs this past week for a couple of very large clients!  

Measuring the corn in back....
Tyler is working in his shop out in Middletown.  A place where he has all of his tools and such and is busy making cornhole games as well as refinishing tables and making furniture.   He enjoys it and makes a little bit of money doing it.   He's also working part time at the golf course and for the Frederick Keys.   His girlfriend has been traveling a lot this summer so he's had a lot of time on his hands.   He is also registering for classes for the upcoming school year and will be attending Frederick Community College and staying at home while doing so.

Mike's been trying to keep busy this summer.   He sleeps till noon, like every aspiring 16 year old teenager, gets up and then hangs with some friends on our street.   He's keeping his nose clean and that's what matters at this point.    He made a decision for the coming school year to not attend St. Johns.   Instead he is going to go to Urbana High School which is only a mile from our new house.   It's a good fit for him and he'll make new friends pretty quickly I'm sure.  He knows several kids there already so that should not be a problem.   He'll also have that luxury of walking to school each day!   Good exercise for sure.

Kitchen with granite....
The big thing in the house is of course our new house, soon to become a home.   I will be settling on my existing house on Aug 3.   I will be renting back for a couple of weeks and will be settling on my new house on August 12th.   We'll be moving in the following week in a slow methodical approach!   No need to do it all in one day.   The buyers of my house have actually purchased a lot of items (furniture, tractor etc) that they need so I am not going to have to move a lot of big things which will be great.

I've spent the last 4 weekends or so packing up things gradually.   I'm not going to have a lot of time with work so it's best to do it early.   The attic is done as is the storage room.  Next step is pictures and the stuff laying around the house.   It's been tough sometimes going through items that I haven't seen in 20 + years as well as having to go through a lot of Chris's collectibles.   We've kept a good number of them but at the same time we've sold some and given her parents a lot of things as well.   Packing is going smoothly and that's really good.

Ceramic in the kitchen
The house is coming along very well.  It's been great going over there each week and seeing its progress.  It is absolutely beautiful and Heather and I cannot wait to get it.   All of the upgrades we chose really make the house standout.   The location is just perfect for us as well.   We've been very busy looking for new furnishings.  New bedroom set, washer and dryer, family room furniture, and basement sectional just to name a few.   It's amazing what needs to be done!  We are in the home stretch and so very much looking forward to getting in.

The week after we move in Heather's son Nick is headed off to college.  And I am happy and proud to say that he is headed to Syracuse University!!! Looks like I'll be making some trips back up to the great white north for the next 4 years!!! He's so excited and so are we.  It's a wonderful chance for him and a new start for him as well.   He's going to do well.

And of course, Heather and I are doing very well.   The past 6 months or so have been a big change in our lives with me working more at my new job.  Our time together has been reduced.   At the same time though it's brought us closer together and solidified our belief in one another.   We enjoy each others company so much.  Our future is ours to make and we plan on making it the best we can.    Keep your browsers bookmarked to my blog.   Plenty more to come....