Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day cometh!

Foundation of our new house.
 ... and the days just keep flying by!!!   Well it is hard to believe that Memorial Day is this coming Monday!!!  The spring is flying by as is all of 2011.  We've been very, very busy.  We're cleaning out the house and getting ready to move.   Hard to believe but yes move.  Lot's of years, 14, here and finally the boys and I felt that it was time to move on so to speak.    It's going to be a beautiful home for us and plenty of room to spread out!   Hopefully sometime in early August will be our move date.

4th annual award
Last week I was honored to once again hand out the 4th annual Christine DeWitt Memorial Award for Marketing Excellence at the annual MD/DC Credit Union League.   An award that is given out to not only honor Chris and carry on her legacy of marketing excellence but to also recognize the single credit union that carries on that dream and desire that she had.   I'm very glad to be a part of the event that is for sure.

Michael's lacrosse season has come to an end.   His team made it to the championship game and played at Towson University.  The did lose but played well.   School for him is over in just about 1 week.  Tyler graduates this tuesday!!!  Hard to believe.   He wasn't even in school when we moved here and now he's graduating.   Sad but true.   He's attending the local community college for 2 years and then moving on to more exciting things I'm sure!    He's also landed an internship (paid) with a master wood worker here in the Frederick area.  7am to 3pm 5 days a week!!! A real job.   That'll keep him so busy this summer it will be crazy.

May 27th 2011
On a sad note, my mother who is 80 years old was just recently diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer.  It has spread to her liver.  She starts chemo in about a week.   I'm headed out to visit in another week or so, but please keep her in you prayers.

Heather and her kids are doing very well and thank you to everyone for asking about her.  As with anything pertaining to the future, it is unknown.  But what we do know is that we are going to ensure that we are both happy and that all of our children are happy and cared for as well.  Happiness is a very important aspect of life and we've found that in one another.

Thank you!