Monday, October 11, 2010

25 years....

 This past Saturday was the Frederick Pink Ribbon 5K race.  This year Tyler decided to take a stab at it.   He was pretty confident in himself before the race.  His training consisted of 1 evening running through the neighborhood and then finding as much pink ribbon stuff that he could find.  Note the pink socks and ribbon headband!   Well the weather was wonderful that morning and he came through with flying colors!!!  He finished on the top of his age bracket (15-20 year olds) and finished 17th overall out of 307 runners!   He even had to stop and tie his shoes 2 times!!!  Congratulations to him.  We're all very proud of him.

The week before that Heather and I were able to get away to National Harbor in Washington, DC and saw the Cirque du Soleil show called OVO.   It was absolutely phenomenal.  Mainly because our seats were on the aisle in the 2nd row, front and center.  Just a wonderful experience.  We went early an walked around the area and had dinner at McCormick and Schmidts before the show.    

Alex is in the final stages of hopefully buying her own home!  We have a bid on a forclosure in our neighborhood and hopefully can come in on top!  She's pre-approved for her mortgage already and we just need to get the right property.  Fingers crossed.

Michael is no longer playing soccer.  Very upsetting but his grades were starting to be impacted by the amount of work and he was not having time to finish homework.  I had to say no more and we're now on a plan to get him back on track...  I went to parent conferences last week as well as back to school night before that.   He is doing very well and we look forward to the coming lacrosse season as well.   The school is just a perfect fit for him.
A little update on the old ankle.   I finally had to see a doctor about it and an MRI showed that I have 2 partial tears on 2 tendons on the outside of my ankle.   It will heal but will take a bit of time.  Time which is absolutely killing me.   I miss the activity of playing basketball and my body is feeling it.  I'm not gaining weight but hope that I can keep it that way!  I'll keep you posted on that!

We had a big, big yard sale a couple weeks back.  REALLY cleaned out a lot of things in the house and attic.   The kids helped go through things and got to see some things that are a real blast from the past.  Some of my old report cards and the like were a real conversation!

Lastly, this time of the year brings many dates about Chris that I have to face.  The first year was horrible with her passing on 9/11 and then her birthday on 9/27.   Then on top of that one week later on October 5th is our wedding anniversary.   All of these dates have been very painful to see come and go,  but with the healing process that I've been going through, the most recent ones were... shall we say bearable?   Really they've come and gone without too much havoc on the emotions.  

This past October 5th was a little different.  This would have been our 25th wedding anniversary.  As I see many of my friends begin to celebrate their 25th anniversaries I find it very hard not to put this one aside.  As with many couples we had plans to celebrate that special date that were never able to come to fruition.  

But, life does have to move on.  It does for the kids, and it certainly does for me as well.  My life is turned around and is very good.   It continues to get better each and every day.  My future is bright and exciting!   Time is the only obstacle now...         I leave you all with a wedding picture from 10/5/85...  Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog and for giving me a reason to live.   If it were not for my blog and having an outlet I would not have been found and would not be anywhere where I am today.  

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Moving along...

Well it's been pretty uneventful the last few weeks and hence not much to write about.   As you know I've been pretty active this past year playing basketball and working out (some).   Well 2 weeks ago I was playing here in my neighborhood and sprained my ankle very bad.   It still plagues me today and although it is getting better it is taking way too long for me.   I miss the activity and the my body is feeling it.  

Heather, Alex and I took Ella to the Frederick County Fair a week back.  She absolutely loved it.   I have not been to the fair in many years and must say seeing it through the eyes of a 6-year old is just great!  Really makes you appreciate it.  We did some games and rode some rides.   She also won 2 goldfish in the ping-pong ball toss game thanks to her Mom!!!

Last Saturday was the annual fall yard sale here in our development.   We decided to do it this fall and really dove into all of the things stored in the house.   We got rid of a lot of things that were in storage that really should not have been.     We narrowed it down and kept what was important to each one of us.   All four of us agreed on everything that was removed.  That was nice.    At the same time we were able to look back on a lot of good memories from the past as well.

This past week Heather and I went to see OVO.  A Cirque du Soleil show down at the National Harbor south of Washington DC.   I got her the tickets for her birthday.   The show was just spectacular and the fact that we had seats in row number TWO on the aisle made it even better.   We were front and center!!!  

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