Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Coming?

OBX 2010
Summer seems like such a long time ago...   The weather here in MD has really taken it's toll on me this winter.   I stood on my deck yesterday and realized that I had not walked in the backyard since probably October!   It's been cold, snowy, rainy... you name it.  And on those few days when it has been nice, I've been busy.

Busy at work for sure.  It's a great thing really and I'm still adjusting to everything and everyone there.  It's a great place and I'm lucky to have found it and been selected to be a part of their team.    I went on my 1st business trip this week.  I went to Miami for a quick meeting.  85 degrees really jolted my system!  Hence my flashbacks to the summer at Outter Banks.  Great summer for sure.  This summer not sure yet what we'll be doing but I'm thinking it'll involve boxes... More on that later.

March 1st came and that brings lacrosse.   Lacrosse season has begun.   This year I will not be running the Spires Lacrosse program.   I will miss that a great deal.  In retrospect it was that organization and the duty as President that helped me get through some pretty tough years.   The program continues to run well and I wish it the best success now and in the future.    I am still on the Board of Western Maryland Youth Lacrosse or WMYLC.  We are the league that all the teams (200+) in our area play in.  There's a lot to do and we've turned around a program that was having great difficulties to one that has been running smoothly for the past couple of years.  

Michael has started his lacrosse season at Saint John's.   He has turned his grades around and will be on the team this spring.  I think that the sport actually got him motivated finally and focused on the job at hand.   Tyler is wrapping up his high school career and will be graduating in late May!  Hard to believe.   He started working at a pizza shop delivering pizzas a couple weeks ago.  Not a lot of hours but it pays well and he doesn't deliver to any sketchy areas so I'm okay with that.   Yesterday he started working at Holly Hills Country Club again.   He enjoys that and meeting with the members is great interaction for him.   He'll be attending the local community college this fall. 

Heather's Parents a few summers back.
The last couple of weeks have been tough on Heather and her family.   Her father passed away on Feb 14.  He had been battling a brain tumor for over a year.   Her family is very close and were by his side when he passed.      That week was a whirlwind of activity and came to closure when they laid him to rest on the 19th... It brought back a lot of memories, some good and some not so good.   I promised Heather I would be by her side the whole time and I'm glad that I was.   I only knew Dick for about a year and only after he was diagnosed, but learned a lot about him during that short amount of time.   I saw him on Saturday before he died and he and I spoke in detail about several things.   I reassured him of some things and also made some promises to him that I will plan on upholding on my end.   He was a good man and I personally will miss him as he accepted me into his family with an open mind and open arms.