Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Disney World Trip

6 1/2 years ago Chrissy and I took the kids to Disney World. This year now that they are all much older we decided to give it another try. We had a good time then and so far this year we've had good weather and a good time. We're staying in a suite at the Embassy Suites so there is plenty of room for us to get out from under each other.

We flew down on Friday evening and 1st thing Saturday we were off to Animal Kingdom. We rode our first ride which got me and Tyler soaked!!! The rest of the day was a little soggy. We also rode their newer coaster called Everest. SCARY. The kids got hooked on pin trading the last time and they brought their pins down here with them this year and started trading again. Just walk up to a "cast member" employee and trade any pin you have for one you see on their lanyard. Fun.

Sunday was a trip to Hollywood Studios. There we rode the Rocking Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror. Both have left a lasting impression on me!!!! Very terrrifying. Sunday night we went to downtown disney for dinner at the House of Blues.

Yesterday, we did a water park. 1st time any of us have been to one and we had a good time. They had this giant wave pool that would create a huge 6 foot tall tidal wave! We went down several of the water slides some of which were in the dark!

We're all very tired but are continuing on today and for the rest of the week.

Pictures are found on my Facebook page HERE.