Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Already?

Well Easter sort of snuck up on us pretty quickly....    This spring has been a rainy one for sure.   Sorry for the almost 2 months between my last post and this one.   I've been extremely busy.  My new job has really been great for me.  I've travelled a little bit here and there, and the boys have been great at home by themselves.  When I'm in a pinch Heather, Nick, and Alex step up and help with rides for Michael which has allowed me to go on trips w/o any worries.   Not what I could have done 3 or 4 years ago.

Tyler has started his own woodshop at a friend's out building near home.   He took many of my tools from the garage to get himself started.  I don't use them much and I know where to find them if I do.   He also started a website at tcdwoodworks.com where he's trying to sell some of his more exotic collections and show off his work.    He is hoping to get an apprenticeship at a woodworking shop this summer.   He's had communications with the owner and it may pan out.   It would be some great experience for him and it's something he enjoys doing.  

He also is in his final weeks of high school as he is graduating on the day after Memorial Day.  Hard to believe but he is.   He'll be taking classes this fall at the local community college and then we'll see where he ventures to from there.

Mike is working through classes at Saint John's Catholic Prep.   He is fully engulfed in lacrosse as well.   He's played in every JV game this year and for the most part has played the entire game.  It is a good way to keep him focused on school and dedication to the work that needs to be done.     He will be going back in the fall as we've sent in our deposit.

For Easter Heather and her children spent the day with us and the weather was pretty nice out.  We had an egg hunt for Ella in the backyard which she enjoyed tremendously.   It's fun watching a 7-year old w/o any cares or worries run around the backyard looking for candy filled eggs.   Makes me very envious!  

We've been doing a lot of cleaning around the house....  big changes are coming and we've started upstairs and downstairs.   Getting rid of tons of clothes and items that are no longer used.

My new whip...
Oh, I did breakdown and get another car.   My MDX was acting up so before I had to drop a ton of money into it I traded it in on a newer model Acura TL.  I have a car again!  You can see my RIT0001 tag displayed proudly!

Keep reading and and I'll do my best to add more when I can!