Friday, September 26, 2008

Gloomy weekend ahead?

Well if today is any indication this weekend is bound to be gray and gloomy. We haven't had much bad weather recently so all I can attribute it to is that tomorrow 9/27 is Chris's birthday. No plans yet.

This Wednesday I took the boys to the high school after dinner and we watched the JV football game. Tonight is the varsity game at one of their big rivals, Linganore. It's really close to our house so we'll probably try to fight the weather and go watch the game.

Besides that we're struggling along with homework and tests and work and all the other day to day things that we're faced with.

So tomorrow, as a good friend told me, we should all celebrate Chris's birthday in some way. If it wasn't for that special day which she was born, we would not ever have had the chance to live our lives with her. For that reason we celebrate her birthday!!!