Monday, October 20, 2008

Fishing on the Bay!!!

All the pictures are located HERE. I took a bunch and it's not easy posting them all in the blog.

It was a little cold on Saturday for our fishing trip. Waves on the Chesapeake Bay were in the 6'+ range!!!! That made it a bit difficult to get around but with the boat we had it was not to difficult!

I did NOT get sea sick. Thank goodness! I am a land lubber that is for sure.

We started the day leaving the marina with 5 of us on board. My friend Danny used his dad's boat and the 5 of us went out for a day of fishing. My friend Rich came down from Rochester, Danny, Glen, and Keith were on board with me.

We first went out and and did some bottom fishing. We caught about 40 or so small 4"-7" croakers, spot, and white perch. We threw them in the live well then took off for the Bay Bridge. We dropped anchor in about 40 feet of water right by one of the bridge islands and then used the small fish to try and catch the bigger fish. We caught about 8 blue fish in the 12-15" range. Fun to catch as they really fight hard when you're bringing them in. Glen caught a toad fish. Now that is one UGLY fish.

We then tried to find some calmer water and did some more bottom fishing. After a bunch of catch and release there we finally packed it in early afternoon. It was a fun day and was a very therapeutic for me as well! The boys were with my in-laws so I had not worries, except drowning!

Saturday, Danny and Rich surprised me and came out to my house to spend the afternoon with me. We took Michael to his lacrosse game and then came back to my house to see some football in the newly remodeled basement.