Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rainy Day

Saturday was an incredibly dreary day. It rained all the way until about 4pm. The boys and I were going to go and visit Alex and watch a special "pink" football game for breast cancer awareness, but the weather was just not cooperative. It's too far to go and sit in the cold and rain.

Saturday night Alex's previous coach, Kara Reber, came up to the area as she was attending a lacrosse tournament and doing some recruiting there. It was as Mount Saint Mary's which is only 25 minutes from our house. She is now the head coach at St. Mary's University in southern maryland. I had not seen her since Alex's last game last year. She's doing well and adjusting pretty well to life in Maryland.

I made dinner for Her and the boys and we actually ate in the dining room. The 1st time it has been used in over 1 year! It was really nice having a house guest for the night.