Monday, February 16, 2009

Busy, busy, busy weekend.

Friday started the weekend off as usual. My pool team had to go to Baltimore to play in round 2 of the playoffs. We fought very hard and went down to the final match and my nephew Adam pulled it out for us and won his match, meaning that we won the overall match. The win put us into round 3 for the first time ever. We'll I got home around 1:30 AM that night and then the reward we got was that we played again the next day on Saturday!

Saturday the boys and I tooled around a little and I had to leave them home again Saturday night to go play. I hate doing that but they don't mind. I do. Anyhow, we played a fun team on Saturday but despite our best efforts we lost our best of 5 matches in the last match. We did very well for who we are and our skill level. We did not get blown out in any of our matches and walked away with a few extra $ in our pockets.

While there on Saturday, Valentine's Day, my good friend Danny and his wife came by to watch us play! It was a real surprise to see them and it gave me a boost. I was bumming out as it was.
Valentine's Day is really depressing now. Time will heal I'm sure. Here's last years post.

The nice part about losing is we did not have to go back on Sunday! So the boys and I went up to Lycoming College to visit Alex. She had a scrimmage vs. DII school Lockhaven. They lost but played very well. She played the entire game and the extra period too.

Afterwards we went out to dinner a small local Italian place. The same one her coach took us too when we went up there for a recruiting visit. It was nice to see her.

We left around 5 and ended up getting home around 8 or so. Very tired.

Today, monday, the boys and I went to the YMCA. Ty and I played racquetball and then he and Mike went to work out some and I went to the gym to play hoops. Now were all exhausted.

This week I'm going to Detroit on a business trip. It is killing me to have to go away like that. The boys are staying at a neighbors who have really reassured me that everything will be okay.