Sunday, February 22, 2009

Home from a trip

This week took its toll on me. I had to go on a business trip to Detroit (joy) for 2 nights. It was the 1st time away from home like this in a year and a half. I agonized for a couple of weeks back in January about going or not. My neighbor Sharon reassured me that the boys could stay with them and to not worry about anything. She is the one that made it happen. I felt better about leaving but it was still hard.

I came back on Thursday (19th) which was my birthday. My in-laws had come by and left a present and balloon for me. I was home for an hour before having to go to the High School for a meet the coaches night for Tyler's lacrosse team. My friend/neighbors took me out to the local bar here in our development for a birthday drink. It was really nice of them to remember.

Friday I had the chance to see my good friend Marianne. She used to work for Chris at COMSTAR. She left late last year for a new job and it's been tough getting to see her. We had lunch at a great greek restaurant near her office called CAVA. It was really, really good food and we both HIGHLY recommend it.OH - While in Detroit I had breakfast with an old schoolmate from highschool. I had not seen her in 29 years!!!! She works at the airport and I was staying there. It was really nice catching up on things and truly, that was a great birthday present.

Some EXCITING news too when I got back. Michael received his acceptance letter from St. Johns Catholic Prep! We had applied for early admission and now have to make the very hard decision on whether or not he actually goes there. It's a lot of responsibility on my part getting him there and paying for it, but I have to weigh what is best for him. I know Chris would be very excited about it and it would be nice to have her here to discuss it with me. The decision is 90% mine and 10% Mike's. He's on the wall about it but I think he knows that it would be the best for him.

Any advice?