Sunday, June 27, 2010

Anniversary, Dinner, and Awards

Today was a very special day. We held a surprise anniversary party for Chris's parents for their 50th wedding anniversary! It was really nice as many of their local friends and relatives were there to celebrate this special occasion. I can remember when their 25th anniversary was back in 1985. It was right before I got married and all I could think was "god that's a long time to be married"!

Wednesday evening Heather and I spent a special evening away for dinner. She wanted to do something special for me for Father's day so we went to a great restaurant in DC called OYA. It is a very modern, cosmopolitan flair type place specializing in Japanese foods. It was great. We had some sushi and some lamb chops! Delish and many thanks for the recommendation. As you can see from the picture we decided to get ourselves all cleaned up and headed for the big city!!!! We make a good couple for sure!!!

Thursday, the boys and I attended the MD/DC Credit Union Annual Awards Ceremony and handed out the 3rd Annual Christine DeWitt Memorial Award for Marketing Excellence. An award created by the League of Credit Unions to remember Chris and to award one of the many credit unions in the are that excels in the area of marketing their product and name. Something that Chris was very good at. This year the award was given out at a luncheon of about 400 people!!!!