Monday, August 30, 2010

Rains it Pours

Well after 10 great years with our beloved Nissan Maxima it has finally bit the dust!!!  Put a new alternator and air flow sensor in it and less than 1 week later the transmission crapped out!!!   So Ty's been without a car for about 2 weeks now...  It really is not a good time as he's working and back in school at the same time.   So now, we're trying to get anything we can for it and find something else to replace it.   We shall see!

Sunday, Heather and I went to our good friends in Davidsonville, MD for an afternoon cookout.   It was really nice for us to sit and talk with friends that have really grown to know us together over the last year. Every time that we get together with them we have a better and better time together each time.   Summer is winding down so those outdoor picnics will hopefully be replaced by some good indoor ones soon!

2 weekends ago was my friend Danny's annual crab feast.   This was year number 26 and was a special year for us as Heather and her children came with us for the fun.   We all had a great time together and they all met a bunch of new people!  It was a great day for crabs, and the pool and just a whole lot of fun!  Alex continued the DeWitt family tradition and spent the night there this year!!

School is finally back in session.  Tyler went back last week and Mike today.   This is a picture of Michael being greeted by the principal when he arrived for school this morning.   I left with a smile! 

Mike is also playing.... soccer of all things!   He played when he was 6 and never touched a ball since.   He's doing really well on the running and agility and getting used to handling the ball.   Played a bunch in last Friday's scrimmage.   He really is enjoying the support that he gets from his teammates that are constantly encouraging him on.   Here's a great picture of him trying to put a headder into the next last week...