Thursday, August 12, 2010


The dunes in KittyHawk
This year for vacation we kept it simple.   They boys and I (Alex had to work) went to the Outer Banks in NC with our new friends.   We had a great time, we really did! Everyone got along superbly!  Of course ride down was not fun.   It took us 12 HOURS to  ride down.  No really.  12 hours.  We left early and it just took forever.  After that, it was all vacation!

The weather was really pretty good for beach weather.  Only rained on one day and it was hot.   The house we rented was not too far from the beach and also had a swimming pool and hot tub for times we were tired of the beach.   That was a nice addition to have.

The Painted Lady from 2000
We stayed on the far end of the island not far from the Corolla Lighthouse.   It was not very far at all from the house we rented 10 years ago with our 3 close friends.  That was our first trip there and I cannot believe that it was 10 years ago!!!!!   Mike was only 4 then!!  Alex was 12!!!   Wesley is now MARRIED!!!

Nick Mike and Ty
This coming weekend we are preparing for the 3rd annual Chris DeWitt Cancer Awareness night at the Frederick, Keys.   Lot's of people coming to this one!!! More on that next week.

Kids from our trip in 2000