Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Heather and Ella Enjoying Cake
Well this weekend was full of BBQ's.   Saturday the boys and I attended a family BBQ at Heather's sister's house.   It was a beautiful day, albeit a tad bit breezy.   We were able to meet and great a large number of her family members including her mother and father.     There were lots of kids there of many different ages as well!   Unfortunately, Alex didn't get a chance to go as she snuck off to Philadelphia for the weekend.

Ella and I in the Pool
Then on Sunday we turned around and went out to Annapolis to have another cook-out with our close friends out there.   Danny and Brenda always have a bunch of folks over on Labor Day in a last of the summer bash.   We had a great time swimming, eating, and getting in the hottub.  As you can see Ella and I had a good time in the pool together as well!

If you are looking at this blog then you certainly know what this week is all about...  A week that I don't like to remember, but yet will stay with me forever.... we work through it and with the help of loved ones and friends we get through and continue to move on.