Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day in Baltimore

This weekend Tyler is spending the weekend at a Catholic confirmation retreat. He was there 2 weeks ago and was one of the people running the weekend. This week he is assisting another youth who is running the event. It's a wonderful thing that he's doing. He's gone through a great amount of training. His youth minister has had many high praises for him and all he's accomplished.

So that left today open. Michael and I got up early and went into Baltimore. The US Lacrosse convention is going on so we decided to go. Our first stop was The Blue Moon Cafe down by Fells Point. This place was featured on the show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. It certainly fits the bill of a dive! They are famous for their french toast made with Cap'n Crunch. We didn't have that but the cinnamon rolls and everything else was just amazing! The place only has 9 tables and is very old on the inside. They make up for it.

After breakfast we staggered back to the car and drove over to the convention center where the lax conference was being held. Along the way several streets were blocked off as Obama was stopping in town for a speech. We avoided the congestion and found a parking garage across the street from convention center.

When we got there we saw Alex's old lacrosse coach from Lycoming, Kara Reber. She's at St. Mary's in MD now and was there for the show. We chatted for a good while and then went on it. There was everything and anything lacrosse going on. I picked up a lot of good contacts and a lot of good information for the Spires Lacrosse Club which I'm currently President of. I also saw several old lacrosse coaches and friends of Chris and I that we made while Alex was playing club lax in high school.

We finally got home later that afternoon and are now sitting down for a move and popcorn. Another exciting Saturday night! Not all that bad though, some bonding time.

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