Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan...

Today Ryan McPhee would have turned 14 years old. Instead we celebrate his birthday w/o him. I saw his father, Rich, last weekend. He explained to me how Ryan would come home after some of his treatments and be absolutely famished. They would take him out to one of his favorite places, Perkins, for something to eat. He would then order the Tremendous Twelve and devour the entire thing! 3 eggs, hashbrowns, 4 bacon, and 4 pancakes!

Now in celebration of his birthday his family goes to Perkins and order the T12. TODAY I too celebrated Ryan's birthday and his life by going to the Perkins in Williamsport with Tyler and Alex. I ordered the T12 thought of him the entire time. He'll be with me forever. God bless you Ryan. You're in good company!