Friday, March 27, 2009

Lacrosse has begun!

Well this has been a very, very busy and difficult week. Tyler's JV lacrosse team started games on Tuesday night. I have vowed to attend every possible game that I can whenever I have the opportunity. I know from experience that my parents did not see me play very many high school sports, and I played every year.

His team lost on Tuesday to a very good team from a neighboring county, South Carrol. The score was only 6-2.

Friday night they played one their county arch rivals, Urbana. They played very hard and came out on top 6-4!!!!! This is the 1st time any TJ High School team has beaten Urbana in lacrosse from what I can remember. I may be wrong but it was a huge win!!! Ty's been working hard and got a good amount of pt (playing time)... Here are PICTURES of Tyler's game vs. Urbana.

I've had a rough week. I came down with yet another cold on Tuesday and it really kicked my butt for 2 days. I'm still not better but at least up and around. I also have had some problems with my stomach flare up again. Seems to be similar to what I had a year and a half ago right after Chrissy died. I went to my Dr. and she prescribed something that helped before. I also went for some bloodwork for the just in case scenarios.

I've been really run down lately it seems with all the activities that I'm involved in. I'm the President of Spires Lacrosse, the Treasurer of the Western MD Lacrosse Conference, and about a month ago was elected to the board of directors of the High School Athletic Boosters. So each of those things keeps me busy with meetings and website work. I'm doing okay with it, but starting next year will have to reevaluate it all as I plan on becoming heavily involved at St. John's Catholic Prep where Michael will be attending high school. We'll see.

Summer's on the way and we have NO idea what / where we are going for a vacation. It may a simple vacation to deep creek this summer. It's been 2 years since we were there in the summer and I think the kids will like it. I can remember vividly the year we went and we rented a boat with a tube and Chrissy got on and we towed her around the lake. Yes the memories will last forever...