Monday, May 4, 2009

Just busy...

It's been yet another very busy few days in the life and times of cedewitt... Last week after watching Alex's game up in Philadelphia, I had to go up to Lycoming on Friday morning and get her things. She has a lot of things.... I left really early in the AM and got up there about 9:30. We went to her cafeteria and had breakfast and then packed the car. We finally made it home abour 2:30. We had a couple of hours to unpack and then went to the high school to watch Tyler's lacrosse game.

Saturday was a day of youth lacrosse and I had to drive Michael to Chambersburg, PA for his game. 1 hour there 1 hour back... you get the idea. I did stop and get some salmon and we had a nice dinner at home that also included Tyler's friend Tanner. He's a great kid that lives around the corner from us. Always welcome in my house.

Sunday... more lax. Michael had a tournament that started at 10am not far from home. ONly problem was that it was pouring outside all morning long. It was miserable. They played 2 and it was cancelled around 12:30. Cold and dejected we came home and spent the afternoon trying to warm up.

Alex and I went grocery shopping last night. When she comes home we have to throw out all the outdated stuff in the fridge and buy new stuff. Milk that is only 2 weeks out of date is still GOOD. She doesn't understand...

Today is raining again. I have a dr. appointment with the gastroenterologist this afternoon. I'm hoping we can start figuring out what has been causing me to feel so poorly recently. I'll keep you posted.