Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another week gone by...

Where is the time going? It is Memorial Day weekend already! I've been feeling a little bit better. I did have my lower x-ray series done awhile ago. Never heard anything from the Dr. and that means normal. There's a sign in the office that says they'll call you if the results are not normal. So if the phone rings... that's when you panic! The test took 3 hours and was really just time consuming. Next Friday is my colonoscopy.... happy days.

So, yesterday I found out that yet another high-profile person has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Amy Mickelson, wife of Phil (golf pro), was just diagnosed. Not much details out, but hopefully this will bring more attention to the subject!

Last weekend the kids and I went to a very good friend's son's 1st birthday party! Nick Kreiner is just a gem. Marianne used to work for Chris, and called me the week she was in the hospital before she died to tell me that she was pregnant. I told Chris and even though she was heavily sedated she knew exactly what I told her and was so happy. Marianne visited Chris the night before she passed away and the first thing Chris did when she saw her was say.... "I know, I know". Chris will be watching over Nick his entire life I'm sure.

After the birthday party, we headed out to Annapolis for a graduation party. Great to see all our friends out there. We were really tired as that morning we all got up early to participate in the community yard sale. We got rid of a lot of stuff, including some things of Chris's that were a little difficult to part with. All in all it was okay and the kids and I plugged through w/o too many problems.

This past Monday I played golf in a charity golf tournament. It was for a hospice in a neighboring county. I had a great time and the weather was pretty good. Unfortunately, I am now sick again with a cold or allergies!!! 3 days of stuffy nose and sore throat!!!

This weekend is going to hopefully be spent relaxing. We all need some downtime. Michael has been working very hard on 2 big projects for school. It's been a drain on me as well as Alex. She is working part time for the credit union. They cut her hours way back this summer but she's still getting some that's a good thing. She's also an intern (no pay) at the Frederick Keys stadium and is working many of the home games. It's good experience and she's enjoying it too.