Monday, June 8, 2009

Lacrosse comes to a close and 20% less!

Well today was our Spires Lacrosse club picnic. Of course it was supposed to be on Friday but was postponed due to the 2 straight days of heavy rain. Then the boys tournament on Saturday was canceled because of the soggy fields. The girls tournament went on as scheduled on Sunday. Even with the reschedule we must have had close to 500 people attend the end of the year picnic. Very well attended this year. Finally, lacrosse in the DeWitt house is over.

Saturday evening there was a small get together in the cul-de-sac that I live on. About 10 families came out and we ordered crabs and had a small cookout with a bon-fire in the middle of the circle! It was nice as I had not really seen everyone in a social setting like that in quite a while. Hopefully, we can do it again soon.

Today was also a crappy day for work. Everyone in my company was hit with a 20% pay reduction until the recession rights itself. This was hard for all of us to swallow. Especially me. Going from 2 very successful salaries to one was hard enough. Now that 1 is not as successful and is now 20% less! Hmph... It does beat the alternative of being laid off and only makes me want (need) to work even harder at the sales and marketing stuff. Wish me luck!

School's out next week and it's time to start planning the next 10 weeks of summer. Tyler needs a JOB. If not then he'll be volunteering somewhere in downtown Frederick.