Monday, October 19, 2009

An anonymous post...

This message came to me from an unknown person who read my guest blog post last week:

Charlie, what a heart warming and touching post. I don't think that getting back your life after this much time has passed is selfish at ALL. You've earned it, but more than that, life is about living and living the best life we can.

From what I've read here about Christine she was blessed to have you and the children. She will have known your love and your support and that the 4 of you would be in good hands when she was no longer with you, because you had one another and you stepping up as both dad and mom made a huge difference for your children.

When I was diagnosed in May 2005 I felt the impact on my husband and my 2 boys (17 and 13). And the reality is while the cancer is happening to the person diagnosed you speak so well to the fact that it affects everyone in their own way.

You sound like you are on more solid ground these days, moving forward and I hear laughter in this -- we need it constantly, even at the worst of times. Wishing you and your children abundant lives!