Sunday, October 4, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Rant

Sorry I haven't posted much in a while. I've been pretty busy on the homefront. Michael's doing well in private school and Tyler's doing well in school as well. He could use a JOB (hint)...

Remembering what I wrote back in the 14th I have taken my life in a new direction. I will not go into details, but a few weeks back I met a total stranger for coffee one morning. She invited me via email and after many anxious moments I accepted. You see she actually found out about me through my BLOG! We have an enormous amount in common, the number one being we are both solo-parents. We are now dating (man that's hard to say) on a regular basis! I've found happiness again in my life, but I tell you it's been very interesting trying to date at my age. Oh its fun, but I found myself very nervous at times. Most of the rust has fallen off and now we are having fun and enjoying one anothers company. I'll keep you posted.

NOW - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I really love the concept which hopefully brings awareness to everyone to get tested early and often. What actually BURNS me to the core is how virtually ALL retailers use this month to their own advantage! This is just crap.

Here's food for thought - "if shopping could cure breast cancer it would be cured by now!"

I was in the local grocery store last night, and right by the front door at the bakery section there were tons of pink cakes, and cupcakes and all other sorts of goodies. All emblazoned with pink icing and pink breast cancer ribbons. What a bunch of BS. You really think any of that money goes to some breast cancer foundation? If it does then all they do is jack the price up on it to cover it. This does not matter if it is a cake, mixer, blender, shoes, anything. Instead, just find a great research or support organization and send them a check. That money goes SO much further than the tiny amount that comes from the commercialization of the disease by companies like my grocery store!!! Not to mention, YOU get to pick where your money goes, and YOU get to take the deduction off your taxes. Not the corporation.

So if you need pink cupcakes this month, certainly buy these, but if you just want cupcakes don't get swindled into buying the pink ones thinking your extra money is going to make a difference. It won't.... Write a check instead...

The picture you see is from this years 2009 Frederick Keys Calendar. It was from last years first breast cancer awareness night. Sure, they profit from it by having more people in the stands. Many of those people are people that have had their lives ripped apart by cancer in some form or fashion. Many of them are survivors and are recognized by everyone their. The club raises money for my kids trust fund and also raises money for the American Cancer Society. They do it right.