Saturday, January 9, 2010

On the television NEWS!

Well I have now been featured on the news! I received a call from a woman reporter from our local NBC25 television news department. She has been following my blog for awhile now and after my recent post a week ago she decided that she wanted to do a report on me and my blog.

It was great! She came to my house this morning carrying a huge camera and tripod! You see she not only interviews, she also does the taping, and editing for the story as well!

She asked me a bunch of questions, which you could tell that she read both of my blogs in detail in order to get them. I answered them and then she went about the house video taping us in various roles of normalcy! Me on the computer, Michael doing homework, etc.

I stayed up late tonight and watched it live on the television. It was weird but very interesting for sure. Seeing yourself on tv is a bit odd. As soon as they have the video up online I'll post the interview here! But for now you can go to it's future location by clicking HERE.