Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's up?

Okay... It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted anything worthwhile on my blog. I know, I know, that makes for boring reading and for that I'm sorry. But, things have been going pretty well around here.

This weekend Tyler and Michael went away for Michael's confirmation retreat. They were gone from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Tyler was the retreat leader and Michael was an attendee. All went well.

This gave me a weekend off which, let's just say, I really, really needed. I spent some time away and some time around here but all in all it was just a very well spent time which I will not forget for a long time.

We got hit with about 6" of snow on Saturday which of course brought the area to a standstill! It's going to be cold for awhile so it should stick around for a few days.

What's new? Not much.... Alex has started practice for lacrosse. This is her final season and she was voted as one of the team captains this year. She's excited and so am I for her. Can't wait to visit and watch her and her team play this year. Tyler is finishing up driver's ed and should be getting his driver's license in a couple weeks! Yeah, I'm not looking forward to it but at the same time I really am as I could use the help with all the driving I have to do. Michael finished up midterms at St. Johns and did pretty well for his first semester. His lacrosse season begins in a few weeks and he is really looking forward to it as well. It will be a big adjustment for him as catholic high school lacrosse is pretty competitive. He's small but bounces up pretty quickly when knocked down.

Me? I run all over taking Michael to and from school each day. I'm also, running Tyler all over for school and church as well. Work is going well. Last year was a killer with the recession but personally I'm doing well enough to get through as is the company so hopefully this year we'll see a turnaround. I'm going on a business trip in Feb for a couple days to Biloxi, MS... I am still playing basketball at the YMCA 3 days a week at lunch. I've met a lot of good friends there and it is an incredible workout for sure. I've lost 18 pounds since last September! I'm sort of stuck on the 18 pound mark but for now I'll take it!

Heather and I continue to enjoy relationship beyond belief. We both enjoy one another's families and see each other quite a bit during the week. Often it may only be for a few minutes but that has been great for us to be able to spend time getting to know each other. We had a wonderful December and January has just flown by!!! We take each day one by one, getting to know another better and better each day. We have a busy month ahead and are going to see a special concert right after my birthday... More on that later.

Keep in touch and I'll do my best to keep you all posted on the goings on here in the DeWitt household...