Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bringing you up to speed...

Well for the past 5 weeks or so I've spent a great deal of time dealing with lots of.... stuff! First, Alex was finishing up her final lacrosse season. Heather and I went to see her play on Saturday May 1st up in Williamsport. It was a hot day and we made the trip up and back. It was the last home game her her career so we really wanted to be there. They won that game and made it into the MAC conference playoffs for the 4th year in a row! A tough feet in that conference.

Alex had to attend a meeting at the Redskins on Monday the 3rd so she drove home on Sunday. On Tuesday I took her to her playoff game at Widener University in Philly. They won and then had to play Elizabethtown on Thurday. She went back with the team bus for the rest of the week.

Heather and I again drove up to watch the E-town game and they unfortunately lost. We stayed for the big tailgate. That was Alex's last career lacrosse game. Hard to believe that after almost 10 years of lacrosse it was finally over. It sort of hurts some but it was a wonderful thing to be a part of! 12 seniors have been a part of her career and a part of my life as well for the past 4 years and they will be sorely missed. These are the girls that stood by our family when we were in need. The entire team came to be with us in Sept. 2007 when Chris passed. A memory of support and caring that will never be forgotten. Thanks girls!!!