Monday, April 27, 2009

Things happen for a reason.... I guess.

Yesterday morning was an interesting morning. I got up early and Mike did as well. Tyler was spending the night at a friend's house. I told Mike to get ready to go to Church around 10 as I went up to get ready. Mass begins at 11. Of course I came out of my room around 10:40 and he was in the shower, and Tyler was not home.

I was not happy and just got in the car and went to church by myself. I parked on the street in downtown Frederick and walked a block and a half to go inside. I sat down and watch the church fill up. The usher brought a young married couple to my pew and I slid over so they could sit down. The entire time I sat there I thought of the many years that Chris and I would go to church together. After Mass I found out that the young woman was not Catholic but the husband was. Also, very similar to me. Mass went into overtime as there were several 1st communions. Afterwards, I wished them well and headed for the car.

I drove over to Beans and Bagels for a bite to eat. 1st pass down the street yielding no parking spots. I kept driving and decided to go to the cemetery. I needed to check on the flowers that the boys and I planted a couple weeks ago. They were doing okay and I gave them a good bath. When I was getting to leave a car pulled up about 50 yards away. I looked at the guy walking and when we made eye contact I realized that it was my old neighbor from 8 years back, Brian. He was there visiting his son's grave site. His son died suddenly from a blood clot in his head back in June 2007. I had not seen him in quite a long time. We chatted about many things. They are busy building a memorial baseball field in Jeff's honor. Check it out here at their website

After I left the cemetery I thought I would give B&B one more try so I drove back downtown. It's not far. I came up the street and was stopped at a light 1/2 block before. There was a parking spot on the right a few cars up so I was just going to park there. I was the 1st car at the light and in the right lane. There was an elderly woman with a cane at the corner. It was apparent that she had some sort of a mental disorder.

Well when the light turned green she was still on the curb so I waited a minute before moving. Just as I took my foot off the gas she blacked out and fell right into the street!!! I couldn't believe it. Another driver and I jumped out, and helped her. She wasn't moving and just laid in the street. 911 was called. She finally woke up and we moved her to to sidewalk as she wanted to move. The ambulance arrived and started assessing her. She had a bunch of medication that she was supposed to be taking and I don't think she had.

I parked and went to B&B and told them and they said that she was a regular and knew of her. The owner went out with me and we chatted with her some more. She refused treatment so they cleaned up her scrapes and left. The owner and I brought her in and sat her down. She was much more coherent than before and started talking.

I bought her breakfast and some water along with a coffee before moving on and getting my own. The whole situation could have been so much worse had I not been the one at that light. Someone else would have taken off as soon as the light turned and could have easily have run over her.

So, the reason the boys didn't go was so that I could meet Brian and help this elderly lady! Brian and I spoke for just the right amount of time at the cemetery. That is not a coincident! Everything for a reason. Of course, the boys spent the entire afternoon cleaning rooms and doing their laundry! I was still miffed at them!