Friday, April 3, 2009

Update on Me.

I've been feeling pretty crummy the last 4 weeks or so. Started with a small pain to the left of my belly button and now there's pain across my abdomen and back. Not severe. More achy.

This was very similar to what I went through right after Chris passed away back in Sept 2007. At that time I finally went to a gastro dr. and they did many tests and finally discovered some erosions in my small intestine, gave me some drugs and it eventually went away.

I went to the Dr. last week and she prescribed the same drug and said lets see how that goes. I also went for a blood test. This past weekend while visiting Alex I had a few beers on Saturday night. Later that evening I experienced some severe back pains that I toughed out. Tuesday I went back to my primary care Dr. who told me that my lipase enzyme was elevated yet my amylase enzyme was normal. Both produced primarily in the pancreas. She gave me a pain med and we were going to let it go 1 more week.

Well, Wednesday the pain med (or something else) made me nauseous all day long. It was horrible. I was in bed all day. Finally started going away and I eat some soup around 7pm.
Thursday I was back up and about, and I went to get another blood lab drawn. I awaiting those results. At the same time today, Friday, I am going in to have a CT scan done of my abdomen area. Not sure what's next. The pain is moderate, more achy than anything else. Should know these results Monday or Tuesday. So that's where I'm at...

Check back later for updates.