Friday, September 25, 2009

Back to School Night

Last night was back to school night at Saint John's where Michael now attends high school. He has really adapted quite well so far. It was fun going from class to class to see what his day to day is like. He has 8 classes + lunch each day. Most are 45 mins in length. Class size is just perfect, no more than 20 in in most, 11 in Math, 3 in art, 18 in Spanish. A far cry from the 33 when he was in middle school.

Tonight we'll be going to their football game again in Frederick. We went last week and had a pretty good time. Tyler and I sat together and Mike went off with his new St. Johns friends. Nice to see him adjusting so well.

The daily routine is okay so far, we leave at 7:20am and he's there by 7:40. I either stay out for coffee or come right home (back by 8:00). Pick up is around 3:00 and that's been okay so far. Some days I forget and leave a little later but he's always got the chance to stay after so it's not a problem.

So far... very good. No regrets!