Saturday, November 1, 2008

More drugs!

Well went to the neurologist on Thursday. He did a bunch of tests and such. Found out that my left side (arm and neck) is no where near as strong as my right. I would put my arms straight out and he would push down with most of his weight on my left arm and I could give a lot of resistance. Doing this with my left would require very little effort on his part to push my arm down. Interesting. I've been having problems in my elbow on my left arm so they are related.

Next, 2 weeks I go back for a Nerve test. Something they shoot electricity through a nerve and see how well it travels. I also have to get a c-spine MRI. I'm going to an open MRI but I'm very claustrophobic. I freeked out at the last real MRI I had 2 years ago and even was uneasy about the open one I had. Maybe I can get one of the boys to go with me. They'll like that.

I then went back to my primary Dr. on Friday and she prescribed Levaquin to try and knock out my sinus infection. It's worse than before. I cannot breath at all through my nose. The neurologist said that it may be causing the occipital nerve to get pinched.

So there we are. I'm sick and trying to get better. I'll keep you posted.