Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving getaway...


Well this Thanksgiving we decided to do the same thing as we did last year. Each of the kids came to me and asked "are we going back to Deep Creek for Thanksgiving"? I wasn't sure about it this year, but after they asked I immediately made the call for a reservation.

We are staying at a place that is right on the lake calle Will O' the Wisp. The room is a 3-level condo with a loft. Each level has big windows overlooking the lake. It's great as we have space to get apart from one another at the same time it's small enough that we're still close.

When we arrived on Wednesday we unpacked and then went to dinner at the resort's restaurant Four Seasons and had the Pasta Mania all you can eat made to order pasta. Just like last year!

Thanksgiving morning the kids all slept in. I got up early and went for coffee at the local coffee shop Trader's Coffer House It was quiet and not many people there that morning. I read the paper and went back to wait for the kids.

Thanksgiving afternoon we went to Swallow Falls State Park. The weather was cold but very sunny and nice. They had about a foot of snow on Tuesday and it's still here. It's a lot like upstate NY where I grew up. Snow from November to April! We walked through the park to all of the sights that we have seen in the past during our summer visits. It was totally different in the winter with snow everywhere. Just breathtaking.

We had dinner in the Four Seasons and it was excellent. We had a little bit of everything and then some more!!! We all walked away stuffed and barely able to walk! The boys went to the pool early in the evening and then we all crammed on the couch and watched a movie together on my laptop. No DVD in the room!

Friday we spent the day driving around the area. Spent about 4 hours looking at places that we have not been before. We were in WV for 1/2 the time as well. We did a little shopping in the old section of Oakland. We went to the antique store that Chris was in back in Aug 2007. She bought a plant stand that she really loved. We bought a plant hanger that goes on the wall that matched it this time! She would be proud of us I'm sure...

Later that night we went and got a pizza for dinner and brought it back to eat. We lounged around for awhile. The boys want to see the new 007 movie so we took them there and then Alex and I did a little shopping in the Christmas Store. We were exhausted by day's end for sure.

We finally left Saturday morning and just made a bee line for home. We were home around 1pm. Alex was not feeling well and actually had a 104 temperature when we got home. She slept most of the rest of the day. The boys and I put up our 2 Christmas trees later in the day. There is one in the foyer and family room. There is now a new one in the basement too.

Sunday, Alex left for school around 1 and the boys and I struggled through getting more Christmas decorations up. NOT an easy task but we are trying very hard. Last year was very sparse and we are all working on doing better this year.