Thursday, November 13, 2008

Neuro Update

Okay so I'm back from the neurologist. I initially went there for headaches caused by neuralgia. I went last week for an MRI and we looked at the films today. The films showed a narrowing of the area around one of my disks. Nothing too major, but something to watch.

He performed a nerve test today. Interesting little test. Wasn't painful but a little uncomfortable for a couple of the tests. Basically they move a bunch or electrodes around and check your muscles and nerves to see if they carry the electrical current they way they are supposed to. Sort of like putting your tongue on a 9-volt battery! The nerve test didn't show anything abnormal.

The last time I was there I was taking antibiotics for a bad sinus infection and they were not working. I went back to the primary Dr. and they gave me a much stronger regiment. That seems to have helped some as my sinuses are clearing up. About 75% better than before. Along with that the headaches have dropped considerably in severity.

So the diagnosis..... Sinus problems caused pressure on the head and spine. Since I have Occipital Neuralgia it was aggravated by the pressure and caused the nerve to react hence causing headaches. This in turn made my entire left side of my body unresponsive. 3 weeks ago the Dr. did a test where I put my arms out and he pushed down on them one at a time. My right arm was able to hold him off completely. My left could barely offer any resistance. Weird. This time my left and right were pretty close.

He did say to keep an eye on things but that hopefully it should continue getting better. Also, he said that I did not have to have the nerve block unless I wanted to. I opted not to have a needle shoved into my neck at this time.

I'm feeling better, but not the greatest. Life is much better than 3 weeks ago. Thanks to everyone for keeping an eye on me!

Now back to business!