Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Say goodbye to Ramsey...

It is with great sadness that I tell you all that we had to put our cat Ramsey to sleep tonight. Most likely he was hit by a car and it broke his back and pelvis. He dragged himself home to the back door and could not sit or walk. X-rays at the emergency vet were pretty conclusive. There was not a lot we could do for him and I had to make the incredibly difficult decision to put him down.

We got Ramsey at the pound about 5 years ago. I remember it because I was in California on travel and Chris and the kids called me from the pound. The people there would not let them take him home unless I gave the okay. Alex named him after Patrick Ramsey of the Washington Redskins at that time.

He was a pretty good cat and got along very well with the dog. The last year he has been by my side at night sleeping in Chris's spot trying to keep me warm. We will all miss him very much as he has been a part of our family for 5 years.